Moms Turn To Instagram For Small Moments Of Escape

Today’s moms are always on. In fact, a recent study, “The New Micro-Leisure,” found that Millennials in particular (Millennial moms included) rarely go 15 minutes without checking their phones. As I talk with moms, I often ask them what brands they follow on social media, and which companies inspire them the most online.

Given the unique culture of Instagram, the photo-centric platform lends itself very well for inspiring and entertaining. I believe it works especially well for brands that have a particular lifestyle they are advocating, such as being active (@lornajaneactive), stylish (@stokkebaby), or adventurous (@patagonia). I’ve asked moms why they take Instagram breaks and what sort of content they like to see from brands. Here is some of the feedback I’ve received:

“I’m looking for a quick break, a distraction to find something beautiful. 

I admit I do use Instagram as a way to shop. Sometimes I’ll spot an outfit or décor for the baby’s room, and then go order the product online.”



“I prefer to see brands show real moms and babies with their products.”

“Right now I’m definitely using IG to get ready for my first baby; I’m searching hashtags for healthy food for me, and scanning for decoration ideas for the nursery. I’m saving grams I like, and may go back later to buy them or add to my Amazon wish list.”

So how can brands who need to attract moms leverage their frequent “Instagram breaks?”

  • Show them how your products fit into moms’ daily lives. Instead of posting a photo of a diaper bag by itself, show us that diaper bag in action with a real mom and baby. 
  • Collaborate with influential mom igers (instagrammers); I’ve seen brands like J Crew successfully partner with the likes of @taylorsterling and @GlitterGuide.
  • Show moms your most loved products from Instagram. @TheLandofNod features their most popular products from Instagram on their website here.

Have you had success in connecting with moms during their Instagram breaks? What sort of content or partnerships have proven successful for you?Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting to me at @LisaMabe.

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