Here's Some Advice From A 95-Year-Old Mad Man Who Just Joined His Son's Ad Agency

In an AdWeek piece David Gianatasio profiles Larry Rinck, a 94-year-old ad man who oversaw advertising for the famous S&H Green Stamps brand. He recently joined his son Peter's agency, Rinck Advertising as Chief Inspiration Officer. And like any old codger, he's got advice for today's young ad folk. 

Of the changes that have occurred since the Mad Men era, Rinck said, People didn't change jobs as frequently. You were almost employed for life if you were any good at all. So, there was a lot of continuity on accounts and at the client." 

Perhaps that's a very good explanation as to why CMOs change brands every 18 months and brands churn their agencies every 12. There's simply no congruity, no continuity. Every new person brings a new challenge to the mix which is most likely why relationships never cement and there is constant turmoil. 

On how so very different the ad people of his time were compared to the ad people of our time, Rinck said, "The creative director on our account once drove his Harley-Davidson into the restaurant we were eating at, right up to the table. Got off and joined us. " 

Today? Some wacko at the next table would probably pull a gun and shoot his ass. Or the police would rush in and slam him to the ground Eric Garner-style. 

It seems we just don't know how to have fun anymore.



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