How To Win The E-Tail Moments

Our addiction to our phones has created many new behaviors – social media FOMO, three-dot anxiety, constantly refreshing our email – but would it also surprise you to know that the majority of mobile users shops online at least once a week, and for Millennials it’s a daily habit? We’re shopping at home, on the couch, in bed and even on the toilet and when we’re not actually shopping, we are constantly browsing.

As a result, the role of the shopping basket has changed;  it’s now used as a wish-list, a digital hub to store ideas, a to-do list or even to compare items. For the past few months, Google has been championing the idea of micro-moments – real time, intent-driven moments, “I want to know,” “I want to do,” “I want to go” and, of course, “I want to buy” moments. With the right messaging and tactics, CPG brands, should be able to at least make their way into shoppers baskets where they can then follow up to drive sales. 



So what tactics and messaging can they use to win at ecommerce?

1. Be there when they need you most
This upcoming holiday season will see plenty of SOS moments – from running out of everyday products to catching a cold and needing medicine ASAP. Brands should anticipate these moments and get on their customers’ radars, both in advance and in the moment. Ads that encourage planning ahead to avoid those moments of panic during the busy holiday season or using flu trackers, similar to what Kleenex did, to anticipate when browsers are most likely going to need your products. Consider using a call to action to remind consumers to add items to their basket that encourages them to prepare for the future. 

2. Help them problem solve
Nearly a fifth of our browsing time is spent looking for solutions to problems. By thinking outside of your direct category and considering the wider conversations tangential to your brand, you can ensure that you are there to help them in these moments. 

3. Differentiate yourself by offering unique products to online shoppers
The major advantage of online shopping is the almost endless shelf – with this comes variety and choice that brick-and-mortar stores simply can’t offer, and happy couch surfers love. Wise brands should be cashing in on the “I want something new moments.” From larger pack sizes to exclusive line extensions, brands can appeal to browsing consumers, create desire and experiment with new lines. L’Oreal does this well and offers exclusives for their online customers such as their recharging hydration hair kit exclusively for 

4. Dial up the convenience
No one wants to lug home heavy bottles of shampoo and cleaners, let alone that big pack of toilet paper. Convenience continues to be the number one reason for shopping online, followed by value. Dial up this appeal by creating larger pack sizes for online, and help them along by telling them to add your larger sized items to their to-do list basket for added convenience, or even better, create a subscription service that not only adds another layer of convenience but also drives repeat purchase. 

5. Turn shopping and browsing into winning
EBay turned the second-hand goods business upside down, taking the pain out of selling and turning buying into winning. Shoppers love a bit of retail therapy but that feeling can be diluted online. Instead, think how you can turn your product deal into a win and even extend it to be there to reward them in the browsing moments.. Giving them a discount on their value pack? Why not extend this win by encouraging them to splurge with the money they’ve saved, on your products of course. 

So, if you want to get on these addicted shoppers to do lists and into their baskets, you need to not only understand their motivations but also understand their emotional needs in those moments. Only then can you add value and give them that extra push to purchase.

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