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Bex Bartolo Wicks

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  • Planning Director Iris Worldwide
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  • You're Going To Be Low Interest Until You Become Interesting in Marketing: CPG on 07/05/2016

    In her famous "power posing" TED talk, Amy Cuddy says, "Your body language shapes who you are." This isn't only a great truth for individuals but for CPG brands as well. If brands, like people, shy away, hunch their shoulders and act small, personifying the "low interest" CPG stereotype, they will forever be boring and uninteresting. But if they adopt the behaviors of confident, charismatic brands, they, too, might increase their chances for success.

  • CPG Distribution - Anytime, Any Place  in Marketing: CPG on 03/07/2016

    The purchasing process has evolved from being simple and singular to increasingly serendipitous. As our attention span shortens and the need for instant gratification strengthens, there is now a greater value in the ability to reach retailers wherever we are, at any time and in any place. This has opened up new avenues for selling and distributing CPGs, breaking the traditional retail format and enabling brands to communicate their value in a new way.

  • Brands That Validate Their Sustainability Commitments Will Win In 2016 in Marketing: CPG on 02/01/2016

    In the past few years, we've seen an explosion in the popularity of sustainable and bio-based products. From household names like Seventh Generation, Method and the Honest Company, all the way through to niche beauty brands like Juice Beauty. These products were born out of a commitment to create natural alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.

  • Time To Step Up Your Content Game With Virtual Reality  in Marketing: CPG on 01/05/2016

    Many are already calling 2016 the "year of virtual reality," especially with the long-awaited Oculus Rift going on sale this week. With it comes a promise of multi-sensory storytelling with rich, immersive narratives and the ability to transport you to places you never thought possible.

  • The Best CPG Experiences of 2015 in Marketing: CPG on 12/07/2015

    Throughout the year there are literally thousands of campaigns vying for consumer attention. It's getting harder and harder to breakthrough because there are simply more places and avenues that people can go to interact with a brand than ever before. Therefore it becomes even more important to focus on not just what the experience is and what the right channels are, but also the right cultural insights.

  • How To Win The E-Tail Moments in Marketing: CPG on 11/02/2015

    Our addiction to our phones has created many new behaviors - social media FOMO, three-dot anxiety, constantly refreshing our email - but would it also surprise you to know that the majority of mobile users shops online at least once a week, and for Millennials it's a daily habit? We're shopping at home, on the couch, in bed and even on the toilet and when we're not actually shopping, we are constantly browsing.

  • Creating An Emotional Bond Through Packaging in Marketing: CPG on 10/05/2015

    Packaging used to serve a purely functional role-it stated its purpose, carried the brand logo, product name and instructions on how to use. However, the internet has created a marketplace for the unique; for artisan and products with personalities to cater to our individual needs. We increasingly expect something to be more than just one dimensional, to be dual purpose or to tell a larger story. As a result, we now see packaging taking on an additional role and being used to connect with consumers in a novel way that delivers that the depth and value we have come to expect.

  • CPG Marketers, Make Room For Gen Z in Marketing: CPG on 09/08/2015

    Generation Z has officially entered the workforce.If you've previously dismissed them as too young to focus your marketing efforts on, it's time to shift your attention. Not only do they have their own money to spend (a reported $44 million) but they also heavily influence the households they live in. You can no longer afford to ignore them.

  • Why CPG Brands Must Evolve Or Risk Death By Plastic in Marketing: CPG on 08/03/2015

    Every day, the majority of consumers buy, use and throw away packaged goods without giving that packaging a second thought. Last month the UN launched a new global initiative, Parley for the Oceans, to raise awareness for the "beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end destruction." The main culprit for this destruction? Plastic. Our love affair with plastic is quite simply killing the planet, and the bulk of CPG brands are responsible for adding fuel to this fire.

  • The Art Of Making An Impact Through Video Content in Marketing: CPG on 07/06/2015

    A recent study published by eMarketer showed that CPG brands, according to Vidoeology, own the lion's share of impressions on YouTube. To a lot of marketers, this might be an indication that video is the way to drive awareness of their products. But according to Sizmek's data, CPG was among the lowest of more than a dozen industries in terms of engagement. Knowing this, should CPG brands even bother?

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