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Security Issues Raised Around Smart Homes

Investigating some of the latest Internet-of-Things (IoT) products, Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered serious threats to the connected home—including a coffeemaker that exposes the homeowner’s Wi-Fi password, a baby video monitor that can be controlled by a malicious third party, and a smartphone-controlled home security system that can be fooled by a magnet. The security firm’s investigation into the connected home discovered that almost all of the devices tested contained vulnerabilities. The baby-monitor camera used in the experiment could allow a potential attacker, while using the same network as the camera owner, to connect to the camera, watch the video from it and launch audio on the camera itself. Other cameras from the same vendor allowed for the ability to collect owner passwords, and the experiment showed it was also possible for someone on the same network to retrieve the root password from the camera and maliciously modify the camera’s firmware.

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