Chiquita Adds Scannable Spotify Codes To Bananas

Chiquita is teaming with Spotify to add interactive stickers to bananas to link consumers to Chiquita-inspired music playlists.

Five limited edition stickers are being added to the traditional blue stickers on the bananas.

Mobil scanning the sticker leads to five playlists as well as five new remixes of Chiquita’s original 1950s jingle.

The playlist themes include feeling happy, tropical vibes, smile workout, classics and cook and dance.

“The Spotify Blue Sticker series is intended to encourage those staying at home to join in a world-wide celebration of cheerful music and connect with playlists designed to get fans up and moving,” states Carlos Lopez Flores, Chiquita president. “By tapping into Spotify’s 248 million active monthly users, Chiquita is continuing its mission of highlighting the fun side of healthy living by offering an opportunity to get active and boost fans’ moods during a challenging global situation.”

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