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Friday, April 20, 2018
  • Online Shoppers Turning To Voice Devices

    Online shoppers are using voice devices before, during and after they make a purchase, according to a new survey. Digital voice device ownership has ... Read the whole story

  • Internet-Connected Vending Machines On The Rise

    More things are becoming Internet-connected, and even vending machines are joining the ranks. About 16% of the world's 16 million machines are connected and ... Read the whole story

  • Shopping With Alexa

    As consumers become increasingly accustomed to shopping and completing transactions with voice technology, it's a natural progression to receive product or retailer coupons through ... Read the whole story

  • Samsung's New Smartphone Is As Dumb As Possible

    Students who buy the Galaxy J2 can trade it in after the school year and get full value for it applied toward a Samsung ... Read the whole story

  • Startup Lexicon Blockchain To Run At Programmatic Speeds

    Ternio, a startup working to provide transparency into programmatic advertising, introduced blockchain technology called Lexicon, which can process up to 1 million transactions per ... Read the whole story

  • Best Buy Makes Amazon Fire TV Deal, Roku Despairs

    Roku's system, which is a major competitor to Amazon Fire TV, saw its stock sink on Wednesday's Best Buy announcement. Read the whole story