Video Marketing Ubiquitous For B2B Brands

Online video marketing has become pervasive for business-to-business companies. A full 96% of B2B organizations use video content marketing, according to an annual study fielded by the Web Video Marketing Council, Flimp Media and ReelSEO of 350 B2B companies.

With online video having achieved ubiquity as a marketing tool in this capacity, many firms expect to spend more for it. About 41% said they increased video marketing spending this year, since nearly three-quarters believe that video has had a positive impact on their marketing.

About half of respondents said they use video content in their email marketing, and the majority optimize video content for better SEO results. The most popular use of video content marketing is to drive brand awareness, with 80% of B2B companies aiming for this goal. In addition, 65% use video to promote products and services, 61% to drive web traffic, and 57% to generate new leads.

About 32% of B2B firms in the survey only started using video for marketing in the last two years, while 63% have been using it for five years. Slightly more than half of respondents believe that sales results have been positively affected by using video. However, while most firms seem pleased with their video marketing, about 12% say they don’t believe it has an impact. 

Despite the growth, some challenges remain. Many marketers cite the inability to measure ROI as a sticking point that holds them back from spending more money.

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