'Marie Claire' Brings Beauty To Tech

At first glance beauty and technology may not seem like a natural pairing, but the subjects increasingly go hand in hand, thanks to innovation in areas like mobile, the Internet of things and 3D printing.

On that note, Marie Claire is joining forces with tech event organizer and publisher Living In Digital Times, to highlight the growing overlap between beauty and technology with an in-magazine guide and joint event at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The guide, set to appear in the January edition of Marie Claire, due on newsstands Dec. 15, is coordinated with Living In Digital Times’ two-day “Beauty Tech” showcase at CES, scheduled for January 6-7.

The special feature will cover new ideas in areas ranging from jewelry to wearable devices, fitness and beauty products, including things like virtual reality makeovers and futuristic skincare treatments.



As part of the partnership, Marie Claire tech editor Jenna Blaha will also moderate panels on high-tech makeovers and wearables, and lead hands-on sessions devoted to beauty and tech.

The partners acknowledged the traditional gender skew at CES, but vowed to change that perception. Blaha stated: “All too often, it was a world seen through a guy's eyes, but women's tech is very much on the scene this year… Technology has become an essential tool for our readers and they value fashion, function and form in highly personalized way.”

The convergence of beauty and technology will provide plenty of commercial opportunities for brands. One prominent example: L’Oreal’s popular “Makeup Genius” app, which uses facial recognition and augmented reality to allow users to virtually “try on” over 4,500 different makeup products.
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