Nordstrom Tops Black Friday Social Engagement

The consumerist insanity that is Black Friday (and various associated Cyber Days) is upon us once again, and savvy retailers have been building online buzz and anticipation with social media campaigns appealing to the more spendy angels of our nature. To figure out who’s doing it best, Engagement Labs studies measured social engagement for the top retail brands in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Among big retailers, Nordstrom is the clear winner on Facebook during the period from October 19, 2015 to November 15, 2015, according to Engagement Labs’ eValue tool, which measures engagement, reach, and the brand’s responsiveness to consumers on social media to produce an overall score out of 100.  Nordstrom led the way with an eValue score of 93.11, adding 90,000 fans over the period and generating 381 likes per every 1,000 fans.

In the second spot after Nordstrom on Facebook was supermarket chain Publix at 89.14, reflecting a large number of posts from administrators about deals, offers and related information; Engagement Labs noted that these posts included employee names, giving a more personal feel to the brand’s social media presence.



On Twitter, Macy’s took the top spot with a score of 89.06, thanks in part to buzz around the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; however the brand also scored fairly well in responsiveness, with account admins taking an average of just 26 minutes to reply to consumer queries. Nordstrom scored an overall rating of 88.82 on Twitter, also due to a high level of responsiveness, with its account managers responding to over 3,000 consumer queries with an average response time of just 17 minutes during this period.

Turning to Instagram, youth-skewing brands Hollister Co. and American Eagle dominated the eValue rankings, with Hollister scoring 94.98 and American Eagle close behind at 94.8.  Hollister’s high score was due to a very active user base and very loyal and vocal customers, producing more than two thousand likes per 1,000 fans. American Eagle’s score partly reflected its high number of admin posts on Instagram as well as a very active user base.

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