Pay TV Consumers Want $40/Month For 20 Channels

A new TV consumer survey says the desired average price for a pay TV cable package comes to just over $40 a month -- for around 20 channels.

The third-quarter video survey from Digitalsmiths, a TiVo TV search/discovery company, says the average $40.50 monthly package consists of around 17-18 channels. The top 10 most desired channels are: ABC, Discovery Channel, CBS, NBC, History, A&E, Fox, HBO, National Geographic Channel and PBS.

Over 76% of those surveyed would like the ability to pick and choose channels for their own custom pay TV package. Digitalsmiths notes that this has declined nearly 3% from the same quarter a year ago — and down almost 5% from the first quarter.

The survey says that currently, 83% regularly watch between one and 10 channels.



With regard to the key cord-cutting question, the survey says of the respondents who answered “I do not have a pay TV provider” -- 19.3% cut cable in the last 12 months. Of these, 45.1% use an antenna to access basic TV channels. There was an 11.8% quarter-over-quarter increase in those who use an over-the-air antenna to view TV.

Looking at the bigger picture, 92% of those did not switch their pay TV providers, with 8% making changes. Going forward, 53.5% will not be making any changes in the next six months, with 31.8% saying “maybe.”

Just over 7% say they plan to change pay TV providers, while nearly 5% plan to cut their pay TV providers entirely and just under 3% are planning to switch to an online app or rental service.

Digitalsmiths' third-quarter survey was drawn from 3,153 U.S. and Canadian consumers 18 years and older. The study comes from a third-party service, which wasn’t disclosed.

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  1. brian ring from ring digital llc, December 7, 2015 at 3:06 p.m.

    I would be extra careful in interpreting this Digitalsmiths data. There are a number of important flaws in the data, including question wordings & types and also the complete lack of question by question sample data and confidence intervals. I'm not sure why they won't disclose the 3rd party service but it's perhaps because it was only a data collection platform and not professionals versed in marketing research.

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