Time Inc. Video To Stream On Hulu, Yahoo

Viewers will be able to watch original video from Time Inc. on Web sites controlled by Hulu, Yahoo, and Zealot Networks, thanks to new distribution agreements between the publisher and these digital video platforms, the partners announced this week.

The deals should help Time Inc. reach new audiences with its growing portfolio of digital video programming.

Hulu, which offers a basic subscription charging $7.99 per month as well as an ad-free option for $11.99 per month, currently claims 9 million paid subscribers. As of May, it had a total of 28.5 million unique viewers, when free viewing is included.

Yahoo claims to reach over 198 million unique video viewers in the U.S. alone every month, while around 43 million unique visitors come to its home page every day.

Zealot Networks -- founded in 2014 -- is a media technology and distribution company offering a range of services including content production, management, and syndication, custom content creation and programmatic advertising, among other capabilities.



The agreements augment Time Inc.’s existing distribution partnerships, which together form the publisher’s video distribution network, launched in 2013. Altogether, Time Inc. now has 18 such relationships representing over 4,000 sites and video platforms in the U.S., with partners including Amazon, CBS Local Digital Media, Gannett, Nextstar Broadcasting, AOL, Cinesport, and Scripps.

The company claims to have generated over 1 billion video views worldwide in 2015.

To feed this expanding network, the publisher is aggressively expanding its video production capabilities. In September, for example, it launched “Sports Illustrated Films,” offering SI-branded content for delivery via digital video, traditional TV, and “over-the-top” Internet-connected TV.

Time unveiled a new series, “A Year In Space,” chronicling astronaut Scott Kelly’s year in the International Space Station.

Time Inc. is also bolstering its executive team to manage the video push. In August, it appointed Michael Erlinger senior vice president of business and legal affairs for television and video. Last month, it tapped JJ Miller executive producer for video at People and Entertainment Weekly, with responsibility for video programming on all digital platforms, as well as TV and other video brand extensions.

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