'Printers Row Journal' Moving To Digital-Only In 2016

Printers Row Journal, the Chicago Tribune’s premium book supplement, published its last print edition this Sunday, Dec. 27. In 2016, the publication will go digital-only.

Launched in 2012, Printers Row Journal is a 24-page supplement to Chicago Tribune. The literary journal prints book reviews, author interviews and short works of fiction submitted by a variety of authors.

Jennifer Day, editor of Printers Row Journal, told Talking New Media that the digital version of the publication will be accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile.

The Printers Row Journal Web site announces that subscribers can download the new app on Jan. 3, where readers can browse a digital bookstore with over 1 million e-books and build their own mobile library or digital bookshelf. Features include customizable display settings, bookmarks, highlighting and note-taking.



According to TNM, about 4,000 readers had signed up for the print edition of Printers Row Journal, which cost $99 a year.

The Printers Row Journal site says the digital version will cost $29 a year.

In personnel moves toward the digital side, Tribune Publishing  hired Denise Warren from the New York Times to be the company’s president of digital. This fall, the publisher also added Mark Campbell as senior vice president of digital acquisition and marketing, Rajiv Pant as its first chief product, technology and user experience officer, and Mohit Pandey as SVP, engineering and mobile.

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