Campaign Portrays Texture As The App For Binge Readers

This fall, Next Issue Media, a technology company whose mobile app provides users access to magazines from Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp. and Time Inc., rebranded as Texture and named Hub Strategy and Communications as its AOR. 

Now, in order to raise awareness for this platform, Texture and Hub are introducing the "Binge Reading" campaign to convey that Texture's content is so amazing, readers will have a hard time putting it down. 

The creative shows one couple oblivious to a bear visiting their campsite, while another features a woman in a bathtub so consumed that she’s not aware of the water overflowing, and a plane filled with passengers ignores the flight attendant’s ridiculous questions.  The initiative is designed to get users to sign up for the 30-day free trial. 

The campaign will appear in print, TV, streaming radio, and via digital channels.  



“The ‘Binge-Reading’ campaign has proven to be a great platform for all of the different pieces we needed to create for Texture,” said Peter Judd, creative director, Hub. “It comes out of a real truth with the Texture experience, and there are so many fun ways to express this notion of binging. We are looking forward to expanding the campaign even further in 2016.”  

The account is being led out of the Hub’s San Francisco office under the direction of co-partners and creative directors D.J. O’Neil and Judd, along with account leads Chris Ferko and Elaine Smith.

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