This Agency Built A Bar So Employees Would Be More Honest

In an effort to foster honesty -- which isn't a very positive reflection on the current state of things at this agency -- Minneapolis-based agency Kruskopf & Co. has built a bar instead of a conference room as part of a recent expansion.

Of the decision, Kruskopf Founder Sue Kruskopf said: "We always say 'Where does all the truth happen? It's not at the meeting; it's after the meeting.'"

So...everyone lies in meetings?

Not an actual bar with liquor license -- because that would make people become more honest than anyone cares for -- the bar, called Truth Bar, is decked out with leather chairs, a granite bar, a pseudo fireplace, bar stools from Minneapolis landmark Monte Carlo and a whiteboard hidden behind a curtain wall in case, you know, anyone wants to do some actual brainstorming work.

What's next? Showers so creatives can find inspiration? Oh wait, someone already did that.



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