Cross-Screen TV Data Use Grows In Video

More marketers are harnessing cross-platform data in TV and video buys. Ad software provider Videology said the number of video campaigns in the United States that relied on an integration of TV data into digital video marketing more than doubled year over year. That comes from an analysis of campaigns run through Videology in the fourth quarter.

The research also revealed how advertisers are meshing the data. The dominant use of TV data comes in linking the TV schedule to digital buys. That means marketers are layering in data from Nielsen so that they reach a TV show’s audience online as well. The next most popular segments when it comes to using TV data in a digital buy are sports viewers, then political show viewers. After that, competitors’ TV schedules and daytime viewers are popular TV segments used to target online.

The report also found that consumers good remains the most popular advertiser in digital video, running 36% of the campaigns, followed by restaurants at 11% and automotive at 10%. More advertisers are using mobile as part of their cross-platform marketing. The total number of campaigns using mobile grew eight times year-over-year and spans across 86% of all digital video buys.



Overall, the number of cross-screen digital campaigns has increased more than 50% year over year, and now more than four out of five digital campaigns run across screens, Videology said.

The study also found that in the fourth quarter time period, 56% of marketers optimized their campaigns for ad viewability, a rise of 36% since the start of 2015.

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