Consumers Favor Premium Video From Big Media

Premium digital video, from traditional TV media companies, may be gaining a bigger foothold.

A new study says 34% of digital TV viewers would rather watch online video from “big media,” with only 14% preferring video from “independent” creators, according to results from Hub Entertainment Research.

Recent reports suggest that premium video -- from TV networks and big TV-film production companies -- continues to climb in digital video advertising prices, the cost per thousand impressions.

Digital TV viewers watch eight hours and twelve minutes of online video content per week. But this is dwarfed by twenty-two hours and six minutes of traditional TV viewing a week.

At the same time, Hub says those respondents like online video over traditional TV -- that content is shorter (63%); more creative (62%); and more relevant in terms of interest (59%).



The survey says that “discovery” of online video “takes no effort” -- 49% of all video viewing is sent to viewers through social media, notifications, or other video posts.

Seventy-six percent watch online video at least once a week, and 53% of those ages 16-24 watch every day.

Hub says it surveyed 1,246 TV consumers ages 16-74 in February 2016 who watch at least five hours of TV per week and have broadband at home.

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