Agency's Web Series Celebrates Absurdity of Agency Life

It must be the week for poking fun at agency life. Just this week, Zulu Alpha Kilo launched  a new website which takes a gleeful stab at the pompous pontification that resides on most agency Web sites. Now, we have Toronto-based Elemental launching a full on four part web series about agency life.  

Created, according to Elemental Co-Founder Dustin Brown, as a "method of showing our clients how storytelling and content marketing can effectively be used as a channel strategy, by hiring ourselves," the series follows a day in the life of a creative intern as he deals with a challenging creative director, a partner who totally misunderstands him and the difficulties of working on his first creative brief. 

Of the series, Matt Sadowski who joined the agency as an intern and on which much of the series is based, said, "There has been a lot of content about advertising that maybe handles it in a more mature way, like the Holy Grail, ‘Mad Men.’ It makes advertising really dangerous and sexy and dark and twisted. Sometimes advertising can be really silly. And we felt that there had been no other show about advertising, made by people who work in advertising that is also set at their agency. We felt that was more of a fresh take." 



Check it out  here.

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