Agency Plans To Dispense Weed To Its Employees

Toronto-based creative agency Blackjet has added a unique element to its employee benefits package in order to better attract better talent. While it's not entirely clear just what type of prospect this new benefit will attract, Blackjet has decided it will offer up an incentive that many won't resist: free pot. Because, you know, it's such a #DopeAgency.

Yup. That's right. Upon legalization of marijuana in Canada, Blackjet plans to offer it for free. In advance of laws changing in the United States and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushing for change in Canada, Blackjet, we are told, figured it would get ahead of the curve with its "new, revolutionary benefits package."

Of the publicity benefits package, Blackjet Partner Rob Galletta said, “Here at Blackjet we value our employees more than anything else. We’ll do whatever it takes to not only attract the best talent, but create the best environment in which to foster their creativity. Sometimes people need a little extra inspiration and we’re happy to provide it.”

Yup. A bunch of stoners creating advertising. This is gonna be awesome!



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