RebelMouse Bows Rebel Discovery

Publishing platform RebelMouse launched a full suite of tools for publishers and brands ranging across social media publishing, distribution, and promotion. The new product, called Rebel Discovery, works with any CMS and a variety of social networks, allowing publishers and brand marketers to target and expand their audiences through a combination of organic reach, partnerships, and and paid placements.

Among other capabilities, Rebel Discovery uses proprietary technology to automatically identifying the most promising Facebook and Twitter accounts for targeting with content based on a brand’s story tags. This online canvassing function finds social media accounts that are likely to share content for free, based on their audiences and content profiles, although Rebel Discovery also offers tools for managing paid promotion. Rebel Discovery also offers built-in tools for social and email outreach to communicate with potential partners.

According to RebelMouse, brands using Discovery have seen a 20% increase in page views, on average.

RebelMouse CEO Paul Berry noted: “The majority of a brand's content doesn’t often reach critical audiences outside of their domain.” To help overcome this obstacle, Discovery “surfaces like-minded publishers, builds reciprocal relationships among influencers, and grows the brand’s audience, thereby enhancing the bottom-line.”

Last week Facebook announced a new partnership with RebelMouse, making the latter’s CMS available to publishers on Facebook via an integration with Instant Articles.

The new RebelMouse integration enables users to launch social Web sites or add new functionality to existing Web sites, then begin distributing content as Instant Articles. RebelMouse is supporting popular tools including Google Analytics and Chartbeat in Instant Articles, in addition to Facebook’s other embeds.

The RebelMouse platform works with a variety of different content types, including native videos, GIFs, ads, and slideshows.

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