bRealTime's Header Bidder Shows Big Growth

bRealTime, a division of digital media company CPXi, announced that its header bidding solution has seen significant growth in the past few months. The site currently offers access to 1.5 billion daily ad impressions, a number the company expects to double by the end of the second quarter.

The company launched its header bidding solution set, Biddr, three months ago with about 100 integrated websites. Now, there are 514 sites integrated with Biddr, the company stated. Publishers who use Biddr saw on average three times higher revenue and CPMs compared to publishers running with traditional ad tag executions, according to bRealTime.

“The industry’s adoption of header bidding integrations has been exponential and shows no sign of stopping," bRealTime GM Brian Weigel said in an email. bRealTime believes header bidding will quickly become the industry standard, Weigel added. 

He has a point. OpenX recently reported a 300% growth in header bidding in first-quarter 2016, with mobile representing 50% of total global volume. And last month, Google announced its foray into the header bidding arena, making First Look available to DoubleClick for Publishers clients and testing exchange bidding in Dynamic Allocation with partners including Hearst, Gannett, Scripps, Time Inc. and Zoopla. 

"We continue to hear from publishers that the ability to put monetization ‘waterfalls’ behind them and to be able to fully engage in true real-time bidding finally delivers on the original promise of programmatic, empowering them to drive maximum yield optimization from their inventory."  

bRealtime offers three header bidder integration options, including Biddr+, a container solution that allows bRealTime to manage third-party exchanges and SSPs; bRT Biddr, a direct integration that allows the bRealTime marketplace to compete in real-time against the publisher's current demand stack; and Biddr API, a solution for publishers who have their own header bidding stack.

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