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Jackson National Snags AARP Vet Emilio Pardo

Jackson National Life Insurance Co. which markets annuities, has named Emilio Pardo to the new position of SVP, chief marketing and communications officer, reporting to Chairman Barry Stowe. Pardo will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategic framework to strengthen brand identification and guide innovation to deepen customer engagement with Jackson and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Pardo most recently served for more than 10 years as the chief brand officer and a member of the executive team of AARP. Pardo conceived and launched national campaigns to reinvigorate the organization's mission and impact across the country, including "Life Reimagined," an innovative financial, health and lifestyle platform designed to help individuals navigate life transitions.



Marketing Daily caught up to him to find out what’s ahead for Jackson.

Q: What do you see as the greatest opportunity for Jackson in the year ahead?

A: The retirement industry has a wonderful story to tell about helping Americans in a way that no one else can and contributing to society in a positive way, but for a long time, we haven’t been telling our story. Now we’re going to be the storytellers! We also believe that financial literacy is a key component to helping people save for retirement, so Jackson is excited to invest more resources into consumer education.

Q: How do you plan to take advantage of that?

A: We believe we can raise the overall level of financial education and confidence in the U.S. from grade-schoolers to retirees. We will endeavor to reach across the multi-generational market to empower consumers to make the best financial decisions they can, and our mission for the year ahead is to launch the programs and messaging to make this goal a reality.”  

Q: Your achievements with AARP are impressive. Is there any one success story that can serve you well at Jackson, that you might tweak to help the company reach its marketing goals?

A: Identifying and shaping the new language of living vs. aging was a critical component in our success to engage boomers in a more relevant way. Using that same language discipline, we can shape the new narrative of financial literacy, annuities, and financial peace of mind.

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