Why Honda Thinks Bigger Than Car Sales

Honda’s passion for video and more experimental formats is not about driving car sales, says Ernie Kelsey, Senior Manager of Regional, Experiential and Social Marketing at American Honda Motor Company. Rather, “We want to get our [message] out to more people,” Kelsey just told attendees of the OMMA Video conference, on Thursday. But, “Don’t tell me boss,” Kelsey requested.

What’s the message? It all boils down to innovation, Kelsey says, which is why the car maker has been more aggressive about showing its breadth of products from robots to racecars to airplanes.

The point is not to leave consumers with the impression that they should simply buy a product, according to Kelsey. Instead, it’s about leaving people with a “positive brand perception.”

Taking that idea to the limit, Honda’s ongoing brand message is all about “The Power of Dreams.”

“We want to form an emotional response,” Kelsey told OMMA attendees on Thursday. “We want to tell stories.”

That, and sell cars, Kelsey admitted. "Ultimately, [in the car business] it’s about how your month went ... That is the key."

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