79% Would Take One-Hour Drone Package Delivery, 73% Would Pay For It

The Internet of Things is taking to the skies and many consumers seem to be OK with that.

As commercial drone delivery gets closer to reality for online retail, consumers are warming up to it, based on a new study.

Retailers and drone delivery companies have been waiting for the FAA to allow commercial drone delivery, which is likely to happen by 2019. In the meantime, consumers are opening up to the idea of drones delivering their packages, according to the new study by Walker Sands.

The Future of Retail 2016 study, comprising a survey of 1,433 U.S. adults, found that 40% of consumers expect that they will receive their first package delivered by drone within the next two years.

And like many other aspects of the Internet of Things, service seems to be a driving factor

If it means receiving a package within one hour, 79% of consumers would choose drone delivery. Furthermore, 73% of consumers say they would pay up to $10 for drone delivery.

In online retail, consumers are demanding increasingly faster delivery times and one-day shipping is becoming a key differentiator to drive online sales, according to the study.

These trends suggest an opportunity for companies offering drone delivery options to capitalize on shoppers who want their goods as soon as possible.

Not all consumers are on board with the idea of drone delivery, however.

While the study found that roughly the same percentage (13%) of consumers don’t trust drone delivery, the reasoning behind that sentiment has slightly changed from last year.

In 2015, of those who do not trust drones, most consumers’ concerns about drone delivery came from safety (74%) and cost (69%).

However, there now is a decrease in those concerns, but most (72%) consumers are now concerned about theft in addition to packages being damaged, according to the study.

The study suggests that consumers are generally beginning to accept the premise and possible value proposition of drone delivery, but are still uncertain about how it will look in context.

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