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Chase Martin reports for IoT Daily, covering the Internet of Things. Follow him: @Chase_IoT or You can reach Chase at

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  • New Bluetooth Standard Extends Reach  in AI & IoT Daily on 07/20/2017

    Bluetooth connectivity may no longer be limited to two devices, thanks to a new capability. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) just updated its connectivity standard to include support for creating mesh networks. Essentially this means that devices and sensors that are connected to each other can use that connection to extend to additional devices, which then can do the same. This in turn creates a larger network of individual devices and sensors.

  • Google Glass Re-Launched For Businesses  in AI & IoT Daily on 07/19/2017

    Google's Glass is back and this time the device has a defined target market backed with multiple business case studies. For the last two years, Alphabet's X Company has been running a 'limited program' with its Glass augmented reality glasses for enterprise companies, such as GE. Now, the so-called Moonshot Factory is expanding its efforts into an officially branded Glass Enterprise Edition product. Intended markets include healthcare, logistics and manufacturing, among others.

  • 73 Million Smart Homes In North America Projected in AI & IoT Daily on 07/13/2017

    The number of smart home systems installed in coming years may surpass the number of homes without smart devices. By 2021, more than half (55%) of all homes in North America are expected to be smart homes, according to a new forecast study by Berg Insight. More than 31 million smart home systems were in use in North America last year, according to the study.

  • 69% Of Voice Assistant Device Owners Encourage Friends To Buy One in AI & IoT Daily on 07/13/2017

    Smart speaker owners say they don't want to go back to life without the devices and even encourage their friends to get one. That's according to a new study conducted by Edison Research for NPR. The study comprised a survey of more than 1,600 adults, 800 of whom own an Amazon or Google voice assistant device, and 15 in-home interviews with voice assistant device owners.

  • Voice Assistant Device Owners Likely To Buy More Connected Devices in AI & IoT Daily on 07/12/2017

    Consumers with a voice assistant device at home may not turn back after owning the device. More than half of them also say they are much more likely to buy a connected device in the future because of it, according to a new study by IFTTT (If This Then That). The study comprised a survey of 1,500 IFTTT users who own an Amazon or Google voice assistant device and use IFTTT. Although the sample may not be representative of all consumers, it is representative of voice assistant device owners using the platform, according to IFTTT.

  • Amazon Patents Detail Drone Fulfilment Center, Propellers That Change Sound  in AI & IoT Daily on 07/10/2017

    The pursuit of commercialized drone delivery doesn't seem to be slowing in the U.S. More than one recently-published patent application by Amazon focuses on an area related to drone delivery. Three patents, which were initially filed at the end of 2015 and recently published by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, include a fulfilment center for drones, a motor failure backup design and a system to dynamically modify the natural sound of drones in flight.

  • Agency Sees Google's New VR App As Speed Boost For Starting Projects  in AI & IoT Daily on 07/09/2017

    Google just launched a platform for creating 3D objects in virtual reality. The platform, called Blocks, was developed as a tool to bring simple 3D object creation into an immersive environment, similar to Google's immersive painting offering Tilt Brush. "Blocks is simple enough for anyone to use, even those without any prior modeling experience," Jason Toff, VR group product manager at Google wrote in a blog post about the app. "It's designed to feel more like playing with children's blocks than working with traditional 3D modeling software."

  • 85% Of Millennial Parents Trust AI To Diagnose, Treat Their Children in AI & IoT Daily on 07/06/2017

    As artificial intelligence capabilities expand in the future, Millennial parents may be open to using it in their children's lives. In some cases, parents said they would prefer relying on an AI system instead of their child, according to a new study by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) The study, comprising a survey of 600 parents between 20 and 36 years old who have at least one child younger than eight, was designed to gauge parents' sentiment toward using AI in the lives of so-called 'Generation Alpha' children.

  • Agency Exec Sees Potential In VR Eye Tracking  in AI & IoT Daily on 07/05/2017

    Virtual reality may soon become a platform to conduct user experience research, thanks to new eye tracking capabilities. The capabilities, which were recently launched by eye tracking company Tobii, can track a user's eye movements as the person views and interacts with a VR experience. One of the target use cases for the eye tracking is conducting behavioral tests in virtual retail environments. Such tests could be used for pre-production products and campaign messaging, according to Tobii. At least one agency executive sees opportunity in eye tracking, both in the short and long term.

  • 73% Attracted To VR Ads Related To Travel in AI & IoT Daily on 06/29/2017

    When it comes to accessing advertising on virtual reality and augmented reality platforms, consumers say they want to experience travel destinations, but are most concerned about needing additional software and hardware. Finding where to view AR and VR ads and using too much cellular data are also concerns, according to a new study. The study was conducted by Vibrant Media and comprises a survey of more than 3,000 consumers from the U.S., U.K. and Germany.

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