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Chase Martin reports for IoT Daily, covering the Internet of Things. Follow him: @Chase_IoT or You can reach Chase at

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  • U.S. Agency To Audit Drone Flying Approvals in IoT Daily on 04/20/2017

    The U.S. Department of Transportation plans to audit the processes for approving and overseeing waivers for small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). These waivers by the Federal Aviation Administration generally grant UAS operators certain aspects of flight that current regulations prohibit, such as beyond-line-of-sight operation. "Unmanned Aircraft Systems represent a substantial economic opportunity for the United States," Matthew Hampton, assistant inspector general for aviation audits at DOT, wrote in a memorandum about the audit. "However, as the number of UAS operations increases, UAS sightings by pilots have also increased significantly, thus presenting safety risks to manned aircraft and the traveling public."

  • Nokia Updates VR Ecosystem, Enables Mixed Reality For Advertising in IoT Daily on 04/19/2017

    Nokia plans to launch multiple updates across its virtual reality ecosystem at the annual NAB show in Las Vegas next week. The updates aim to improve the quality of captured stereoscopic 360-degree video and audio, increase the efficiency and add new capabilities to VR content distribution. Although the company's OZO camera remains physically the same, the software behind it has received 'generational advancements in image quality and efficiency in the creative process,' according to Nokia in an advance announcement of the introduction.

  • New Verizon Smartwatch Doesn't Need A Smartphone in IoT Daily on 04/18/2017

    Wearables may soon not rely on a smartphone, as more than one network-connected smartwatch hit the market. One such smartwatch launching next month was developed by a major network to function as an independent device. Verizon's new Wear24 smartwatch can connect to Verizon's 4G LTE network without requiring a smartphone.

  • New Drone To Live-Stream Broadcast Quality 360-Degree Video in IoT Daily on 04/17/2017

    Live 360-degree video broadcasts just gained an aerial perspective, thanks to a new live-streaming virtual reality drone. The VR drone system was developed by 360 Designs and is set to be introduced and exhibited this week at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. The so-called Flying EYE system comprises a remote-controlled hexacopter with a custom spherical video camera rig and live-stitching components, which can stream 360-degree spherical video to a base-station on the ground in near-real time.

  • Google Extends WebVR To Most Smartphones; Agency Exec Lauds New Voice 'Experiments'  in IoT Daily on 04/13/2017

    Web-based virtual reality can now be experienced on almost any smartphone, thanks to a new update to Google Chrome. Google just added support for more devices to Chrome's WebVR capability and created a website to showcase WebVR experiments. The search giant recently added native support for WebVR content to Chrome, as the IoT Daily reported earlier this year

  • Security Attacks On DVRs, Connected Home Devices On The Rise in IoT Daily on 04/12/2017

    The threat of cyberattacks driven by unsecure IoT devices may be increasing. The number of compromised IoT devices remains high globally and there also appears to be interest in exploiting unsecured IoT devices for cyberattacks, according to a new study. McAfee Labs' new 'Threats Report' examines the so-called Mirai malware, which is designed to hack into and control IoT devices at scale. Once compromised, the devices become part of a 'botnet,' which can then be used in a targeted cyberattack.

  • Security Breach Triggers 156 Connected Sirens In Dallas in IoT Daily on 04/10/2017

    Security within the Internet of Things may still need improvement, as a new security breach just affected a citywide emergency system. Emergency sirens across Dallas were recently hacked and activated remotely. All of the city's 156 outdoor sirens were then manually deactivated by the city's Office of Emergency Management over the course of more than an hour.

  • Industry Groups Partner To Advance Security in IoT Daily on 04/05/2017

    In an effort to further enhance online security, The Online Trust Alliance is partnering with the Internet Society to become an initiative within the Internet Society's global network of online security members and organizations. "The Internet Society and OTA share the belief that trust is the key issue in defining the future value of the Internet," Kathryn Brown, CEO and president of Internet Society, said in a statement. "At a time when cyberattacks and identity theft are on the rise, this partnership will help improve security and data privacy for users."

  • 87% Of Insurers Expect IoT To Improve Customer Relationships in IoT Daily on 04/05/2017

    Insurance companies seem to have their eye on smart homes as an avenue for new customers. Homeowner's insurance carriers also see the Internet of Things influencing their future products and services, according to a new study by NTT Data. The study, comprising a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. homeowner insurance carriers, found that the majority (87%) of insurers said they believe the Internet of Things will improve customer relationships.

  • New SIM Card System Launched For IoT Devices in IoT Daily on 04/03/2017

    Worldwide on-demand connectivity may soon be coming to IoT devices of all types, thanks to a newly adopted SIM capability. Softbank just launched a cloud-based platform for remotely tapping into the connectivity capabilities of IoT devices. This in turn would allow devices to be remotely updated or configured to operate on a certain network without needing to physically change anything on the device.

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