Voice Assistant Device Owners Likely To Buy More Connected Devices

Consumers with a voice assistant device at home may not turn back after owning the device.

More than half of them also say they are much more likely to buy a connected device in the future because of it, according to a new study by IFTTT (If This Then That).

The study comprised a survey of 1,500 IFTTT users who own an Amazon or Google voice assistant device and use IFTTT. Although the sample may not be representative of all consumers, it is representative of voice assistant device owners using the platform, according to IFTTT.

Almost all (98%) voice assistant device owners said they think they will still be using a voice assistant in five years.

“It will be interesting to see how these behaviors shift over time as more voice platforms join Amazon and Google on IFTTT,” Linden Tibbets, CEO and founder of IFTTT, stated. “With more than a few new assistants in the pipeline, it’s clear voice is going to be an important new interface for every service.”

Once in a home, voice assistant devices are being used. More than half (61%) said they use their voice assistant more than four times a day.

Almost half (46%) said they are more likely to use their voice assistant device than their smartphone to search for information while at home.

The devices are used the most for streaming music, controlling connected lights and setting timers, according the study.

Owners of voice assistant devices also appear to be interested in additional connected devices.

Almost two thirds (62%) said they are much more likely to purchase a connected device in the future because they own a voice assistant device.

Here are the connected devices they are considering:

  • 60% -- Smart security systems, cameras or locks
  • 57% -- Connected lights
  • 43% -- Smart thermostat
  • 35% -- Connected appliance
  • 32% -- Smart hub
  • 24% -- Connected vehicle or vehicle device
  • 17% -- Fitness tracker

More than half (60%) said integration with their voice assistant is an important factor when deciding which connected device to purchase, according to IFTTT.

However, device ownership appears to still be in its early days. Almost three quarters (70%) have owned their voice assistant device for less than a year, according to the study.

The living room is the top location for voice assistant devices, followed by the bedroom and kitchen. 

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