Pandemic Driving Healthcare Wearables To 30 Million Units: Study

New deployments and studies relating to COVID-19 are driving healthcare wearable shipments to 30 million units this year, according to a new forecast by ABI Research.

By 2025, shipments are projected to increase 29% to 104 million units.

Healthcare wearables include connected blood pressure monitors, continuous glucose monitors, pulse oximeters and electrocardiogram monitors.

"Wearables have often been used in medical trials and to aid healthcare professionals to monitor the vitals of many patients simultaneously, both in and out of the hospital, with a focus on specific healthcare issues and the onset of COVID-19 is no exception," states Stephanie Tomsett, wearables analyst at ABI Research.

“Several wearable, platform and healthcare companies are working together on different projects that use healthcare wearable devices, smartwatches, or activity trackers to aid with tracking the progress of the virus or monitoring the vital statistics of potential sufferers,” states the report.

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