Digital Publishers' Enthusiasm Grows For Video Ads On Facebook

Video advertising on Facebook is on a fast track for growth. According to a new report from ad software firm Mixpo, the use of video campaigns, from paid ads to boosted posts, is rising on the social networking giant.

Among digital publishers surveyed, Mixpo found that 50% have run some type of video campaign on Facebook, compared to only 31% on YouTube, 17% on Twitter, 13% on Instagram, and about 2% on budding social venue Snapchat. What’s more, 36% of said they specifically use or plan on using Facebook video ads in the year ahead. “Facebook is the most effective way to reach a large digital audience,” the report said.

Mixpo’s survey took the temperature of the business in interviews with more than 250 digital publishers.

When it comes to digital ad formats with the highest perceived ROI, publishers consider pre-rolls the most effective, followed by rich media, display and social. Mixpo also reports that digital publishers are pushing their video offerings and inventory beyond their owned sites. In the past year about 61% of publishers have sold video ads in so-called “audience extension packages.”

Mixpo said it expects even more publishers will look for ways to offer video ad opportunities as broadly as they can in the year ahead. “This means making video an option within every ad format, from interactive VPAID and VPAID 2.0 ads to in-banner video executions,” the report said.

Still, there are some issues clouding the rosy picture a bit.  Publishers say they’re concerned with such hurdles as attribution and measurement, viewability, ad fraud and bots.

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