Smartphone Shoppers See Past Brands

Sorry, marketers, but brands carry relatively little weight when consumers are ready for a new smartphone -- or, at least, that’s according to international research commissioned by Havas Group’s Socialyse.

In order, smartphone shoppers prioritize price, tech characteristics, operating system, camera quality and brand, says Havas’ social media unit.

When choosing a carrier, consumers consider network coverage, network quality, price, Internet speed, and included services.

From gadgets to coverage, why do consumers switch? The major reasons include people desiring a better device; price considerations; an urgent need because of breakage or theft; and customer outreach as consumers’ current contracts come to an end.

Whatever the rationale, 78% of consumers make their decision to switch in one month or less, Socialyse finds.

In that timeframe, the typical switching process includes information-gathering, active research, decision-making, and deal-hunting. 

For its findings, Socialyse had research institute CSA contact smartphone users aged 18-50 who have or will change their mobile device and/or plan to in the past/next 3 months, across the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Mexico. 

The study included a qualitative analysis including focus groups and one-on-one interviews, as well as an in-depth qualitative online survey.

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