'Women's Health,' Daily Clout Team To Track Political Engagement

Women’s Healthmagazine has partnered with DailyClout to embed its political engagement tool “BillCam” into news stories to enhance political engagement and allow users to weigh in on state or federal bills.

BillCam links live bills to news articles. For example, a Women’s Health article about PMS could link to AB 1561, a bill introduced in California to label tampons as medical necessities and thus be exempt from sales taxes.

Users can like, share and comment on a piece of legislation using BillCam in much the same way one would interact with a tweet.

“With an election year upon us, we have increased our coverage of political happenings as they relate to women’s health issues,” stated Women’s Health editor-in-chief, Amy Keller Laird. “BillCam is a seamless integration into our edit coverage that will allow our engaged audience of women to explore — and act upon — important issues both locally and nationally.”



DailyClout will work alongside online magazine editors to determine where to place BillCam within articles that specifically “touch on women-centric issues currently up for debate with the nation's lawmakers,” per the company.

BillCam is a nonpartisan product, co-founded by journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf and Lisa Thomas, former CEO of Clif Bar, Inc. Last week, Wolf was on Women’s Health’s “Uninterrupted” podcast to discuss her inspiration behind the BillCam tool.

For the magazine, it’s a good time to up political coverage. The Atlantic earned such success with its July/August political issue that it printed an additional 25,000 copies to “meet newsstand demand.”

And last week, The New York Timeslaunched "The Run-Up," a new politics podcast that will cover the remaining three months of the presidential race.

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