Barbie Is A Paid Influencer

Oh, good lord. It’s one thing for people who are famous for no good reason to make huge amounts of dough shilling products to their social media followers -- but now people who aren’t even people are getting in on the act.

That’s right: Barbie -- yes, the doll -- is a social media influencer, according to Women’s Wear Daily, which caught up with the lifeless piece of plastic newest “It Girl” to get the inside story on her lucrative new sideline as a paid fashion blogger, with a little help from Mattel’s marketing team and PR firm KCD.

In addition to marketing the iconic doll herself, Barbie’s official Instagram account is now doing influencer marketing for other brands for undisclosed sums. In one recent example cited by WWD, Barbie attended an event hosted by “Mane University” in Hawaii to promote Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer with sponsored content, pretty much nailing the whole aesthetic: there’s Barbie, looking fabulous in a miniature branded stylist's smock, juxtaposed with a real woman getting her hair done in the background. Barbie comments: “It's the 'mane' event! About to get the ultimate styling treatment from @ManeUniversity, compliments of our sponsors @dysonhair and @ManeAddicts!” followed by a bunch of hashtags. The post had received 42,000 likes to date. You go, girl! Ka-ching!



Some of Barbie’s other sponsored social media efforts include a series of Instagram posts creating an amusing story with dolls made to resemble characters from “Zoolander 2,” in which Barbie acted as an L.A. tour guide.

In the ordinary run of her fabulous existence, Barbie has also produced posts from events including New York Fashion Week, the Golden Globes, Art Basel Miami Beach and Coachella, and the Forbes Women’s Summit, all artfully composed with the perfect Instagram filters, of course. She is occasionally seen in the company of her long-term boyfriend Ken, when he’s not in rehab in Malibu.

Mattel Vice President of Global Communications Michelle Chidoni tells WWD: “Barbie is a busy girl, she is great at making time for exciting opportunities… I think the team knew they had this huge opportunity to treat her on social media in a different and special way. This celebrates Barbie the icon, and plays into the culture in a way that few brands can.”

I reiterate: oh, good lord.


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