'The Wall Street Journal' Acquires Global Newsletter 'The Daily Shot'

The Wall Street Journal has acquired exclusive rights to global markets and macroeconomics email newsletter, The Daily Shot. When The Daily Shot transitions to The Wall Street Journal on November 1, it will be available only to WSJ subscribers.

Founded in May 2014, The Daily Shot’s readership is predominantly in the financial services industry, with over one-third of them holding C-Suite and other senior roles, including traders, central bankers, risk managers, wealth advisors and institutional investors. The Daily Shot currently has 35,000 subscribers worldwide.

In a statement, The Wall Street Journal describes the newsletters' mobile-first approach and its use of charts and graphics, allowing readers to “speed read the markets” on their devices each morning. The newsletter is available in the early mornings, before the open of the London markets.

The Daily Shot aims to be “free of political and economic bias, and does not offer investing advice,” according to the statement.



Lev Borodovsky, founder of The Daily Shot, will continue to run the newsletter’s day-to-day operations as it transitions to the WSJ.

Dennis K. Berman, financial editor of The Wall Street Journal, will oversee the newsletter. He suggested his team will make few changes to the newsletter.

“Our goal is simple: Continue to have the most comprehensive markets coverage in the world,” Berman stated. “Lev has the single best and easiest-to-read markets emails I have come across.”
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