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Sure, a good education is priceless. But factor in current and future market demands and the scarcity of certain skills and expertise, and some degrees begin to look a lot more priceless than others. So, adaptation is necessary. Take the case of Dr. Jerry C. Lee, chancellor of the National University System and president of National University, who recently decided to launch a School of Media and Communication within National University to prepare his students for careers in the 21st century.

"After extensive consultation with leaders in the film, entertainment and mass communication industry, we're prepared to offer customized degree programs that will provide students with a relevant and compelling education," Dr. Lee explains.

The School hopes to address real employment trends that project substantial growth in various media sectors through 2012. According to the u.s. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, Internet publishing and broadcasting jobs will grow by 41.1 percent, while demand for broadcast technicians and computer specialists will grow between 37 and 50 percent. The Bureau reports that producers' and directors' positions will grow by 40 percent; demand for writers and editors will increase by more than 30 percent; and public relations jobs will increase by more than 37 percent.

The school will offer associate, bachelor, and master degrees in digital film-making, digital television production and engineering, video gaming, journalism, and public relations. Gavin O'Malley

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