Duarte Launches 'Movement Marketing' Practice

Sunnyvale-based Duarte Inc. has announced the launch of a new strategy practice. The agency’s new offering is aimed at doing something entirely new: creating high-impact communications that effectively move large numbers of people to belief and action, especially for leaders trying to spark and sustain change.

In other words, effective marketing.

Of the new offering, Duarte Chief Strategy Officer Patti Sanchez said, “Duarte is well known for its work in helping leaders craft and refine their messaging and develop powerful visual stories. Our new strategy
practice is a natural evolution of a role that we’ve long played for our clients. During recent years, we’ve seen a rising importance of movements in the world around us. The new practice we’re launching today is in response to that trend.”

OK so it's great marketing for movements.

The new practice will, surprise, follow the methodologies and insights from a book written by Sanchez and Nancy Duarte, the firm’s CEO. The book, entitled Illuminate, illustrates a framework to lead people through a five stage process designed to inspire others to support and execute a big vision or idea.

In the new practice, Sanchez, who has worked on Cisco, Hyperloop One, Hewlett-Packard and VMware, will be joined by three new senior strategists including Becky Waller Bausman, SVP of Strategy at Duarte, Dave DeFranco and Brie Osgood.

On the need for, well, movement marketing, Bausman said, “Change is hard for a lot of people which is why a lot of movements fail and a lot of corporate transformations fall flat. The collective wisdom we bring as a team helps leaders solve how to best communicate in one moment or over several moments in time to make a movement successful.”

Duarte has been around for 30 years and has had a hand in, ahem, many movements including its work with Silicon Valley brands Cisco, Salesforce, former Vice President Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and Hyperloop One.

Do you need help with your movement?



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