RED Interactive Agency Office Robot Allows Remote Workers to Better Interact With Office-Based Employees

For quite some time, LA-based RED Interactive Agency has had an extensive remote working strategy offering employees the ability and flexibility to work from home. Currently, 10 percent of the staff work remotely. Recently RED Interactive Agency added another element to their remote working strategy; a Double Robotics robot.

The Double Robotics ( robot gives remote employees a physical presence in the office. The robot consists of an encased iPad Air atop a height-adjustable pole attached to a Segway-like set of self-balancing wheels. There's also a camera and sound kit which allows the remote employee to see, hear and talk to those working in the office. From home, remote employees can log in to the robot and take control of it allowing them to move about the office in and out of meetings or attending presentations.

RED Interactive Agency remote employees are using the Double Robotics robot to participate in brainstorming sessions, active white boarding via screen sharing or to just hang out and remotely fool around.

The robot adds to the agency's current use of other remote tools such as video conferencing and, of course, Slack.

Here's a video -- shot in annoying, Snapchat-centric vertical format, of course -- of the robot in action.



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