DoubleVerify Launches Solution To Protect Advertisers From 'Fake' Online News

Martech services company DoubleVerify on Wednesday announced the launch of a product that helps advertisers protect themselves from sites that propagate “fake” news and promote inflammatory, politically charged stories. These sites often use unsubstantiated claims to try to pose as legitimate news sites.

The new offering, which attempts to stop the the flow of ad dollars to fund the support of these deceptive sites,  is available as part of the company’s Digital Impression Quality suite of services. It’s being offered to all major programmatic buying platforms, enabling advertisers to avoid these sites as part of their pre-bid screening efforts.

Traffic to several hundreds of these sites featuring fake news-like content has nearly doubled in the last month alone. The deceptive sites encourage consumers to read and recirculate fake news stories to friends and family through social media. As a result, the sites are attracting significant ad dollars by posing as credible content sources.

"Trust and transparency are critical to the growth of digital media," stated Wayne Gattinella, DoubleVerify CEO. "Our newest offering shines a bright light on the fake news sites that are deceiving millions of consumers and siphoning millions of media dollars from unsuspecting brand advertisers."

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