Social Media Great For Organizing Fights, Other Events

“Shopping mall fights ‘organized on social media’ break out in 11 states.” "Fights broke out at malls around the country Monday night sending shoppers looking for post-holiday deals scrambling for the exits… One male juvenile was arrested on suspicion of trying to hit an officer during the incident, which police said appeared to have been “loosely organized on social media.”Los Angeles Times, December 27, 2016.

“Police Suspect Social Media in Multi-car Pileup On I-95.” Motorists intent on creating mayhem used social media to organize a huge highway pileup this holiday season, resulting in dozens of victims being airlifted to area hospitals. Police said participants apparently orchestrated the event online in order to cause themselves grievous injuries and destroy their vehicles.



“Doctors Blame Social Media for Legionnaire’s Outbreak.” Thrill-seeking visitors to an area waterpark used social media to organize an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease, leaving scores hospitalized in serious condition, according to local health officials. The incident appears to be part of the “Legionnaire’s Challenge” craze sweeping social media.

“Social Media Behind Gas Explosion, DPW Officials Say.” Fun-seeking pyrotechnics fans used social media to organize a gas explosion that destroyed most of a downtown apartment building on Friday, according to officials from the Department of Public Works. One participant, who received third degree burns over half his body, said the social media flash mob also considered dousing themselves in gasoline but decided this was “too slow.”

When asked what rational motive might possibly account for such behavior, a police spokeswoman responded: “Rational motive? What the fuck are you talking about?”
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