Facebook Updates Music Copyright Procedures

Facebook is reportedly facing pressure from music labels to police copyrighted content on its platform. The social giant is developing a copyright identification system akin to YouTube’s Contend ID, the Financial Times reports.

Once the system is implemented, Facebook will then work in partnership with top labels to flesh out a licensing deal so that users can still share copyrighted content.

Such a deal could certainly be lucrative for big labels.

By monetizing user-uploaded content through Content ID, YouTube has generated more than $2 billion for rights-holders, according to a report released by Google over the summer.

While 98% of all copyright management on YouTube takes place through Content ID, more than 90% of claims result in monetization, Google found.

This isn’t the first time that content-rights holders have taken issue with Facebook’s policing policies.

In March, video producers expressed frustration with the social giant over its failure to prevent “freebooting” -- when clips are taken from YouTube and re-uploaded without producers’ permission.



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