Intel Turns Tom Brady's Everyday Life Epic

For those who just can’t get enough of Tom Brady, here’s a chance to see his everyday life from nearly every angle. 

Intel has enlisted the superstar quarterback for a marketing campaign that will include a commercial to air during the Super Bowl. The spot showcases the company’s 360-replay technology, which will also be employed during the game.

“We [wanted] to help make fans aware that Intel 360 replay technology will be integrated into the game broadcast,” company representative Krystal Temple, tells Marketing Daily. “The goal is to showcase one of the newest ways that we are using technology to transform and enhance the sports experience for teams, leagues, and fans.”

The spot, which is already available online, depicts Brady’s mundane morning routine (waking up, brushing his teeth, making pancakes) and turns them into highlight-worthy moments that can be seen from any angle. The idea is to show how Intel’s technology can make anything look epic. According to company officials, the commercial marks the first time an advertisement during the Super Bowl will be a part of the broadcast itself. 

“It’s more than just an ad for marketing purposes,” Temple says. “Unlike other brands, Intel has technology integrated into the game that enhances the viewing experience and has a unique ad spot and campaign that helps people make the connection back to Intel. “

In the run-up to the Feb. 5 game, Intel is also encouraging consumers to help create a user-generated video. The promo encourages users to add effects and other details to frame captures of Brady and submit them to a gallery of images. The best images will be cut into one video to be released on Super Bowl Sunday. 

“The social campaign is a fun, immersive way for fans to learn more about Intel’s 360-degree replay technology and provide their own creative interpretation of one of football’s greatest talents,” Temple says. “The transformative nature of the technology that we're working on is that ultimately consumers will be able to be on the field, with the players. We will all be able to be part of the action.”

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