JWT Launches Its Annual Helen Landsdowne Resor Scholarship

For the third year in a row, J. Walter Thompson has launched  its annual Helen Landsdowne Resor Scholarship, an effort which supports female creative leadership. The scholarship is named after Resor who was the industry's first female copywriter.

The scholarship, in partnership with the 4A's awards five individual scholarships -- up to $10,000 -- to female college students. In addition to the scholarship, each winner is offered a paid summer internship with a JWT office in their area and is given "first look" consideration if they decide to apply for a job with JWT after graduation.

Applications must be submitted here by May 14, 2017 and is open to eligible students attending a select list of universities around the world.

Of the scholarship and its aim, JWT Worldwide CCO Matt "clearly not a female" Eastwood said, “The industry’s lack of female creative leadership has been a hot topic for years. The HLR Scholarship is one of many ways that we can help change the tide and help secure a more diverse future for the ad industry.”

JWT Chief Talent Officer Laura "clearly a female" Agostini said, “Helen joined JWT in 1908. 109 years later, she has made a mark on the industry and on us as an agency. Her name and her work are fueling our commitment to help more young women make their mark on creative work and the world. We’re honored to support her legacy.”



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