How Mobile Factored Into Trump's Win

No doubt, mobile grew faster than any other channel during the presidential election. Yet, by many accounts, the decisive demographic in the election turned out to be rural, high school-educated older white males, i.e., those voters least likely to be on mobile.  

What role, then, did mobile play in the election?

Experts at MediaPost’s Marketing Politics conference on Tuesday, suspected it was still significant.

So believes Emily Williams, Senior Director of Digital Communications at the Global Strategy Group.

Anecdotally, she recently ran into an “older gentleman” in Wisconsin who claimed to have been very active online, and was confident that his efforts helped put Trump on top.  

Still, something like that is a “hard to quantify value,” Williams admitted.

Regardless, “A successful media campaign is the one that’s going to meet voters where they are,” said Betsy Hoover, a founding partner at 270 Strategies. As such, “Every campaign shouldn’t [be] the same.”

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