Amid Fear Of Trump, Liberal Democracies Turn To Satire

The global community is fraught with fear and uncertainty at what a Donald Trump presidency means for the established world order. Treaties, mutually beneficial trade and military relationships that have kept the world relatively safe, may be upended.

“When Donald Trump chose ‘America First’ as his presidential campaign’s foreign-policy slogan, experts were appalled. Didn’t he realize that was the cry of pro-German isolationists who opposed American entry into World War II?” wrote Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs in the January/February 2017 issue.

In response to the doom-and-gloom scenarios, a number of countries chose satire to introduce themselves to the new president of the United States. 

The videos try to convince President Trump that while America will be first, their country should be second. Using surprisingly accurate Donald Trump voice actors, a collection of European nations and Australia have released humorous videos.



The effort started with the Netherlands and quickly expanded to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

With clever jokes and references to various political happenings in the United States, these countries add levity to a zeitgeist uneasy with the rise of nativism and dangerous populism.

“We were born in 1143,” the Portuguese video goes. “Meaning that we are one of the oldest nations in the world. It’s amazing how old we are. We should be dating your wife. It’s true, we should.”

Using comedy to deal with real fears is a clever, long-accepted coping mechanism to combat chaos.

In essence, instead of becoming hysterical by the prospect of the world’s super power turning in on itself economically, politically and socially, these countries champion sanity and imagination.

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