Just an Online Minute... i-Broadcast Builds Brands

Something new to talk about from Dynamic Logic. Earlier this week, the company unveiled a study that demonstrates the power of interactive broadcast advertising in building brands online.

Lightningcast partnered with Diameter, formerly the research division of DoubleClick Inc., and Dynamic Logic, to quantify the impact of an Internet radio ad campaign for Dentyne Ice that ran on the Lightningcast Network. The study examined three primary objectives to measure the effectiveness of online audio advertising: brand and advertising awareness, advertising element recall and intent to purchase the product. Arbitron Webcast Services provided research insights into the crafting of the online questionnaire.

The study showed that web users exposed to the audio ad were 50% more likely to be aware of the advertiser than the unexposed control group. Also, ad awareness and message association increased by 28% and 23% respectively as compared to the unexposed control group. And, Web users who heard the ad were 36% more likely to purchase Dentyne Ice the next time they were shopping for chewing gum.



The Dentyne Ice study involved a randomly sampled group of 554 Internet radio listeners, 224 of whom had been exposed to an ad and 330 who formed the control group. The advertisement was a 60-second audio ad created and delivered using Microsoft Windows Media Audio streams. All sampled users completed the same questionnaire.

According to Karl Spangenberg, President & CEO of Lightningcast, “This new study provides further evidence that the brand building commercials that have been so effective on radio for decades can deliver at least equally effective results on interactive broadcasting sites.”

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