Contact: Can You Ahhhh Ohhhh Hear Me Now?

Tired of your cell phone's ring tone? Can't find one you like that everyone else isn't already using? Here's an option that'll make you stand out in a crowd  ring moans. You've read it right; not ring tones  ring moans. The Erotic Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Frontier Network, offers ring tones of porn stars moaning, as well as X-rated wallpapers, photos, videos, horoscopes, and advice columns for cell phones.

Ring moans start at just $1.49 each, while monthly subscription packages range from $19 to $29. For those concerned about keeping people from peeking over their shoulder or using their phone, the service comes with a lockout code. The Erotic Network is also working on a reverse database that verifies a person's birth date against his cellular contract, so people can't lie about their age.

Guys, are you really ready for this? Or more importantly, is the world? Imagine, you're in your local library. You can barely hear a pin drop and all of a sudden breathy orgasms issue from your back pocket. And in line at the grocery store, the phone goes off as you stand in line behind a neighbor. So just where would it be appropriate for someone's phone to elicit ring moans? Perhaps at home. But for parents with children at home, that may not work either.

No question, there's a huge market for erotica, but in other channels, such as the Internet and cable tv, "Adult content is... consumed in a private setting," says Seamus McAteer, co-founder and chief product architect of M:Metrics, a wireless research firm.

Is there enough interest to create a market among cell phone users? Naturally, Ken Boenish, president of The Erotic Network, thinks so. "In the u.s., I think the category could be $500 million to $1 billion per year over the next couple of years," he says. New Frontier already has 75 million homes and hotel rooms viewing the adult content it aggregates, censors, and delivers via cable and satellite tv, broadband Internet, and emerging platforms.

Boenish is hoping to strike deals with carriers that would allow the firm to cross-promote its full complement of content products and services. Deals with carriers would also open the door to more cellular sales. "We think people are more likely to buy if it's a frictionless transaction billed right to their mobile account, because we're more of a spontaneous purchase than other entertainment items," Boenish adds. Spontaneous, to be sure. Perhaps among friends, wireless ring moans will become the ultimate booty call.

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