The Service Soul: Service-orientation And The Human Connection

In this day and age, what does “service” really mean? Does it still have a place in business? Are we forgoing the importance of a heart-to-heart human connection for the convenience of technology?

In the past, people were quick to pick up the phone and talk. Not only did this ensure timely resolutions to business and communications challenges, but it also allowed people to maintain partnerships in a real way. But if we’re being honest, there has been a noticeable shift of late. A tremendous shift in fact. And it’s a shift that isn’t good for any business. We’re no longer putting service first.

Perhaps this comes from the extraordinary climate change in business — justifying the almighty dollar with the procurement police and fighting to keep ideas alive amidst tight margins and the fast-paced nature of the world. But nonetheless, the kind, caring and understanding service approach is becoming uncommon. And that’s a problem.



So, how do we rectify this? How do we get back to the basics of a service-mentality embraced with a human connection? I’d suggest a few simple solutions to feed the service-soul:
1. Positive feeds positive Every single day, when your feet hit the floor, you have a choice. Will this be a good day? If you are determined to make it a good day, then it will be a good day. Take the positive pill and spread the medicine.
2. Look them in the eyes Out of sight, out of mind. Connect with people. Listen to what they have to say. Ask them for advice. Break bread. This is where bonding begins and trust is created.
3. Get engaged and wear the ring proudly Any business, just like a marriage, takes constant work, communication and nurturing. Keep the brain alive with all things relevant to the business. Ooze with excitement, ideas, passion and energy. Observe and take notice.
4. Constant improvement Make the investment to do the remodel, just like you would a home. The windows may need to be replaced — do it. The roof may need to be updated — do it. Understand how people define satisfaction and success and address those concerns. Show that you’re listening — and make them be heard.
5. Surprise and delight When was the last time you did something nice for someone, just because? Sound simple? It is. Do it.

While some wonder if a service-first mentality still exists, I say it does. I believe in the service-soul and I believe that without it, businesses cease to have heart. How will you feed your service-soul?

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