DMP Benefits: Finding New Customer Groups... And Lots More

What is a DMP good for anyway? Plenty, Gary Milner, director of global digital marketing for Lenovo, in speaking at MediaPost’s Brand Marketers Insider Summit.

For many brands that don’t use a data management platform there can be major issues for companies that still work in silos. Milner says this was the case before Lenovo took on a DMP, in which it uses the Adobe platform. Lenovo’s DMP connected those silo work areas --  analytics, testing/optimization, creating multichannel campaigns, and media ad buying.

An DMP helps Lenovo segment its data: Onsite engagement, offline data, media data (coming from DSP [demand side platforms]), and algorithmic content.

Other areas where a DMP is helpful: Going after new consumers such as millennials, where a brand doesn’t have first party data. Previously, Lenovo had targeted consumers 40 years and older. Then, a couple of years ago, it changed to target more millennials.

“In the DSP space we targeted an audience, and when they start visiting our site, our pages, we see what they look like. DMP looks at their age groups, their characteristics. And then we bucket and group those and push that back up to the DSP so we can look for more people who can respond to our campaign.”

More to come from DMPs. Milner says: “AI [artificial intelligence] is the next wave of marketing; DMP will be an enabler. These are still early days.”

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