To Be Entertaining, Relevant And Engaging, Hit Refresh

Consumers have high expectations for marketing content from entertainment brands, especially when it comes to being entertained. This is why social channels can be a marketer’s best friend, especially if they are savvy enough to leverage new features and channels as they are introduced. 

With every new social campaign or advertising initiative, marketers must hit refresh and make sure they are up to speed on each platform’s newest iteration. Just the other day, Facebook jumped in and added disappearing stories and Twitter amped up its live video capabilities. 

Being first to embrace these changing features as a marketer adds street cred, news value and, of course, greater opportunities for meaningful engagement with your audience. As you hit pause and reset for each new campaign, here are some things to keep in mind as you look for ways to leverage the new attributes of each channel: 

Know the Platform’s Advantages and Audience



Social media outlets are not created equal. Each has distinct differences in the user experience and in the consumers who they attract. 

At one point, Snapchat was the only place to go for disappearing content. But now three of the biggest social players — Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook — are offering live stories, disappearing content and event-driven experiences.

Each platform, though, has different ways of engaging the consumer. And, more importantly, they have different users that cross demographics. Determine who your audience is and the kind of experience you want them to have and that will help drive your choice of outlet.

Be Relevant 

Social content has the unique ability to be a mirror of what is happening now and sometimes to even be the "happening." The release of a new film, series or show can become a cultural moment. So can the episode when a favorite character finds an untimely end. 

The refresh on how brands think about relevancy is in how they adapt and use each social outlet as new elements are introduced. Each distinct social channel lets you tailor your content using the specific tools of each — the new and the not so new. 

The challenge for a brand is to elevate their creativity so that they are leveraging all the original features of each channel in distinct ways. Snapchat took off because it had disappearing content. You learned to speak in a new way, with text, drawings and emojis. Snapchat continues to innovate and introduce new features just as other channels like Instagram begin to bring some of the elements of Snapchat into their offering.

Being relevant today is not just in what you say but in how you are saying it across social media.

Be Informational – Create Content to Promote your Content

Audiences are always looking for more information. They are curious about characters and their story. They want more facts about events and what really happened. 

Television and movies have always benefitted from the water cooler effect — the fans wanting to continue the conversation. Some have added video at the end of a show like AMC adding a “Talking Dead” program after the airing of The Walking Dead

Digital channels offer even more ways to elevate the water cooler effect. With Facebook Live, fans can be drawn into a conversation with a program’s stars or director or writer after an episode ends just as if he or she were having the conversation with friends at work or a bar. 

The refresh in creating content for your content is how you activate across new social offerings and select the best place to tell more of your story. 

New ways of engaging with consumers are unfolding in social media channels at a staggering pace. Being aware of what’s new is vital. But being able to make it relevant, meaningful and entertaining, is the key to delivering results. 

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