Automotive Agency Of The Year (Traditional): Commonwealth//McCann (Chevrolet)

Creative highlights of the year include the “Real People” series, a long-form video that pitted the pick-up truck bed of the Chevy Silverado against the Ford F-150, and a touching tribute to Prince, who made everyone want to drive a “Little Red Corvette.”

Commonwealth//McCann has been supporting Chevrolet with “high-quality work with an unwavering voice,” said one juror. Adds another juror: “The Chevy ‘actual people’ ads are brilliant and totally change the conversation about Chevrolet.” A third juror said: “You’d think that normal, ‘real’ people wouldn’t get at all worked up over results of a J.D. Power survey. But somehow, these spots are peopled with genuine enthusiasts whose honest reactions to Chevy cars are infectious. Everything about the series is beautifully done, whether selling a little Malibu or a big Silverado. At a time of cynicism about ‘reality’ anything, this campaign makes us want to believe.”

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