Best Social Campaign: Carmichael Lynch for Subaru Zero Landfill Initiative

As the first automotive manufacturer in U.S. history to become zero landfill (having achieved a landfill diversion rate of 98% or greater), Subaru has been approached by over 800 companies to help them become zero landfill, too. So when the National Park Service asked them to sponsor the year-long National Park centennial celebration, Carmichael-Lynch encouraged Subaru to use this opportunity to do something of lasting historical importance for the parks — do what they’ve done for hundreds of others and help make the entire National Park System zero landfill.

Throughout the spring and summer of 2016, Subaru’s campaign collaborated with the National Parks Service to both educate people about reducing waste and keeping it off park land and to bring its own experience and expertise to the process, branding waste-reduction initiatives in parks and reflecting that work in its ad campaign. The work served to broaden awareness of the brand and to further solidify loyalty and consumer opinion of Subaru.

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