Non-profits MUST Improve Their Marketing Efforts Now

The year is 2017. Let’s make sure that we have adjusted the way in which we approach marketing challenges based on the reality of media consumption patterns. The strategies and tactics that we used in the last decade have truly become obsolete. The way in which consumers conduct research, share ideas and preferences and make purchasing decisions has changed dramatically. 

Legacy media channels (print, radio, outdoor, television etc. were once the pivot point for media allocation and message placement. Today, our consumer, your prospect conducts most of his or her time performing all of these tasks via a device connected to the internet. Your prospects live fast-paced, mobile lives and their device of choice is a mobile telephone and/or iPad.

Non-profit organizations face a significant challenge today in managing the level and method of communicating with existing donors. The battle for acquiring new donors and building a recurring file of contributors is being waged on a new landscape. In order to remain relevant to this new prospect pool and build affinity and loyalty with this group, Non-profit’s strategy must adapt to the new marketplace reality. Here are five tips that can help you optimize your communications and prospecting efforts:



1. One Prospect – Multiple Channels The more that you understand that today’s prospect is an omnichannel consumer of content, the greater alignment you will have in terms of planning your messaging strategy.  Many will use search engines to identify non-profit organizations that are aligned with causes that are near to their hearts. Others will spend time within the social media channel. If you want to be a part of the conversation and included in the consideration set here, you need to be present.

2. Your Value Proposition As non-profit marketers, you must be students of your competitors and their offers in order to “bench check” your value proposition and its relevancy within the competitive set. Such diligent efforts need to be ongoing and intensively connected with constant refinement and adjustment of your value proposition.

3. Up-funnel Marketing Strategy A non-profit cannot go into battle without the right tools and tactics to wage war throughout the entire purchasing path. Non-profit organizations would gain by connecting with agencies who have expertise in optimizing the new digital tool kit to insure that they are doing they can to extend your brand messaging in the most relevant manner.

4. Build a Recurring Donor Contribution Initiative You have done a great job of recruiting “one-time donors.” There is excellent opportunity to engage donors in an ongoing relationship. This initiative requires new messaging and a commitment to engaging with donors in an ongoing manner. This effort provide the organization with many ways to increase  program efficiency and efficiency.

5. Making the Donor Commitment Stick We can all make the mistake of taking donors for granted. I find that many of the charities will accept my donation and then forget me. Today’s recurring contribution donor wants a stronger bond between the charity and the overall relationship. You must continue to nurture the donor by providing information and insight into how contributions are positively impacting the related cause. Without this ongoing connection, you will be in a constant state of reacquiring your donor.

Marketing to prospective donors has changed dramatically. Those that step up will grow.

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